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Reasons Why You Should Hire an auto locksmith to Program Your Car Keys

Losing or damaging your car key in the 1990’s wasn’t a big deal. Remember when your car keys looks almost exactly like your house keys and keys to your office? That’s not the case anymore. Back then, getting a duplicate from the manufacturer would cost around $12. A locksmith would have done in for $3. Well, there’s a huge gap between the two prices, but at least both wouldn’t really hurt your pocket much.

For the past two decades, electronic remote keys came into existence, making it even harder to duplicate car keys. Living with a broken key was even harder. You may get these keys from anywhere, but you will need them to be programmed to unlock and lock your car. Well, at the dealership, you will get the keys for $60 to $200 and even more on a programmed one.

The way old traditional car keys of the 1990’s used to be replaced by a locksmith, new electronic car keys can be replaced by auto locksmiths too. The main reason that will take you to an auto locksmith instead of the dealer is the price. Here’s why it’s cheaper to hire an auto locksmith to program your car keys.

They are as efficient as the dealers

Because transponder keys are designed with a laser cut that transmits signals to the ignition to start the vehicle, only special machines can program these keys. Most of auto locksmiths nowadays have this machine that will enable your transponder key to unlock and an expert can program it for you to start your car.

Many of them are actually registered

Sometimes, you may worry about the quality, the credibility, and the accountability of the shop you are dealing with. Here, I reassure you that many auto locksmiths are actually registered in auto locksmiths associations. In addition, many are even recommended by the dealership itself. Although it might all seem alike to you, there’s a huge difference in the quality of work between one auto locksmith and another. Always ask around and make sure you pick the best.

They are more accessible in case of emergencies

Some people do lose their car keys, it happens often. But you don’t always expect everyone to just live near a car dealer right? auto locksmiths, on the contrary, are almost everywhere. auto locksmiths allow you to replace your broken key for another one instantly.

Auto locksmiths are sometimes faster

Aside from the fact that you most likely live closer to an auto locksmith than a car dealer, you will also realize that the process of issuing a new car key from your dealer will consume more time than issuing it from an auto locksmith.

More affordable on the long run

You aren’t expected to lose your car keys a lot. But assuming that you lose many of them, you will always to keep a spare key someone safe for emergencies. Imagine if you’d pay $200 for each spare key, at some point you will drastically affect you financials.

Source(s): Bobcat Locksmith